Is it acceptable to adapt someone else's work to the playground?

Do you believe it is okay to post material adapted from someone else’s work to the playground without their permission? Both objectively (“no, that is not legally allowed”) and subjectively (“it is legal, but that just doesn’t feel comfortable to me”), do you think that should be allowed?

As an example, I recently came across this: Test Babylon Roller Coaster
The source code is available here:
I have no way of contacting the author, and I do not speak French anyway.
Do you think (IYO) it is okay to put demos like that into the playground?

The author is @jerome, a great contributor to both Babylon.js and the old and new forums since November 2013

He speaks very good English.

There is already a playground

This is a link to his topic in the old forum where he first developed the idea which camera to use for rollercoaster - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

Only if the material has a license that clearly indicates that it can be used freely.

It’s OK for me :smiley:
Use whatever you want :wink:

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Technically anything on the bjs playground is public domain…

You don’t want other to use it don’t hit save!

But way to be cool <3

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Totally agree with this.

It seemed to me @Symbitic is asking about finding babylon.js code somewhere other than on the playground and then copying it onto the playground without permission and my answer of “it depends on the license” stands in this case.