Is it possible for single particle in sps use a multimaterial?

I’m trying to make a city, and I just came to sps(before I used polygons). I used subMesh&subMaterial to use different textures on buidlings top&side before, but i failed to apply multimaterial to single particle when using sps. It seems that the system itself is using a multimaterial, I guess that is the reason.
I’m wondering if there are ways to do that, or other ways besides subMesh&subMaterial to make top and side use two textures.
Any help would be appriciated.

Adding @jerome

If I understand well, you would like the multimaterial to be applied at the particle level : one particle could hold several materials ?
The SPS can’t do this unfortunately. It can assign different materials to different particles, one per particle.
The way to do would then be to use 2 (or more) particles, each with its own material, then to parent them together, so moving the parent would move the gathering.


I will try to see if it works well as I have millions of buildings, thank you very much!!