Is it possible to access to elements created through renderOutline?

When using a clipPlane on a mesh, the outline effect is not taken into account.
I’ve guessed it is a mesh (maybe I’m wrong?), but if so, it’s not visible in scene.meshes.

So, is there a way to access to the outlines elements?


The outline renderer does not currently support clip planes. Here’s a PR for that:

You will get:

(not totally sure it’s what you expect)

Note that the outline is not a separate mesh, it’s the same mesh which is rendered with its vertices moved along the normals to make it a little bigger.


So technically, the outline is “just” a shader. Nice, thanks for the PR!

It is a special shader that is used to render the mesh a first time, which will render the mesh a little bigger and with the outline color. Then the mesh is rendered over it with its regular material.