Is it possible to export a mesh with mixmaterial using the GTLF exporter?

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Is there a way to export meshes with mix material textures using gltf exporter? I see that my exported meshes lose the materials
If it is not supported, isn’t there any workaround like convert mixmaterial to standard or multimaterial?

Unfortunately no. The mixmaterial is not a material supported by glTF (so far the format only supports PBR but there are discussions to integrate something more flexible in the future)

The only workaround I could think of would be to manually mix the textures into a merged texture and use that texture in a std mat

Could you help me to transform mix material to std material during export and turn it back to mixmaterial after export
Here is the pg:
What is the way to save the texture and use it as diffuse texture of the standard material?

I guess that I came close to a solution, but I still need to find out what I am missing:

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Or maybe there might be a simpler way. Isn’t in there a function in Babylonjs that grabs all the textures and combine it into one considering the transparency generated by the rgb colors of the mixtexture?

You can use NME to generate a procedural texture based of the merge of your textures:
Node Material Procedural Textures | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thank you so much for your help. Now I have a better way to achieve this. I am getting acquainted with the babylonjs node material through your videos. I am trying to find a block that filters and combine textures based on the rgb of the texture5. Would you mind if you help with the creation of this node?

I could make it with this node:
But I’m not able to convert it to procedural texture in this pg:
Do you know the cause?

shouldnt that be Procedural?

Thank you
I think that is the problem but when I changed to procedural, I realize some parameters are changed. How to achieve the same results in the material mode?

tbh. I dont know, I never used that, but I saw that in the video :wink:

You have to switch to procedural first and THEN you can build exactly the same fragment shader.

Should be exactly the same (but yes you need to start from a procedural setup)

Thank you all for the support: Here are the PGs that can be helpful to others.

Material node:

Procedural node:

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Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is an addon if you want to bake the ProceduralTexture (-1 draw call):