Is it possible to make goalkeeper animation like FIFA game with Babylon.js


I am trying to make a penalty game with similar animations like FIFA. I am not expecting to build FIFA or exact same quality. My question is is it possible to make animations like goalkeeper catches the ball with procedural animations. like @Cedric s example. I have rigged 3D model and main animations like LeftBlock, JumpUp, RightJump etc. I need to add parameters for bones to these animations to show them realistic but what is the easiest way to achieve that, do i need write code for every possible body movement and postures for each bone?


I feel like a good method to combine animations in this case would be by additive animation blending: Let’s say the goalkeeper has to catch a ball on their left. Then you could blend the LeftJump with LeftBlock.

However, if you want to achieve the most realistic results possible, using motion-captured animations would probably be easier. Mixamo seems to have quite a few resources on goal animations, if you want to take a look at them: Mixamo :smiley:


As @carolhmj said, octopus uses additive animation. But what works for that case might not work for another.
You can experiment to have one animation where the goalkeeper catches the ball, add an offset position and rotation to the root so the skeleton is adapted to the ball position. That’s additive transform only applied to the root.
I’m pretty sure it will work but the result might be very unrealistic. That’s some drawback with additive animation. You compute something that work, is mathematically correct but is unpleasing.

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