Is there a Matcap Material?

Does babylonjs has something like a Matcap material? Sometimes also called: LitSphere, spherical-normal-mapping, …

like this:

thanks for babylon

You’ll have to do it yourself I guess.

This is a script I want to make one day, it requires some points:

  • save all relations between materials and meshes
  • assign your custom material on all scene
  • be able to reassign originals materials

Note that you can at least disable some texture channels if desired, 'could do the trick in some usecase.

Not supported yet but I’m sure that this is something that @sebavan could love writing for 4.1

Yup we could add it by default but we can already do it with the standard:


Haha well played

And with normal like your example:

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I think he was talking about a functionnality that allows quickly toogle your scene with your materials/a matcap.

I can definitely add it in the inspector if that helps

you guys are amazing.
sebavan, thanks for the demos, that is what I was looking for

I modified the playground example slightly to better demonstrate the power of matcap materials.


Here a quick test about toogling matcap :slight_smile:

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