Is there a way export a Triplanar material with 3D model/file for glTF?


I’m applying a triplanar material to objects and I simply want to export the glTF(or any other file type) with the applied triplanar texture that is rendered. I see that I’m getting this error when I attempt an export: logger.ts:121 BJS - [15:09:25]: Unsupported material type: triplanar

This is the export code: BABYLON.GLTF2Export.GLTFAsync(scene, "fileName").then((gltf) => { gltf.downloadFiles(); });

Just any way to get the model out of babylon.js with the triplanar texture applied is suitable most likely for my purposes.


Hello and welcome to the Babylon community!

Unfortunately, the GLTF export only supports Standard and PBR materials :frowning:

Is there a work around potentially that anyone knows of? From what I understand the triplanar material doesn’t use a texture map, would it be possible to create a texture map from what is being rendered with the triplanar material in babylon.js and then export that?

Hmmm maybe the original author would know, @Deltakosh @sebavan y’all know who is it? :slight_smile:

This would not work well in general and would require an insanely large map :frowning:

I would recommend either having custom gltf metadata or a special extension