Triplanar Mapping in PBR material

What would be the best way to customize the PBR Material to add triplanar mapping ?

My need : Albedo/Metallic/Roughness/Normals values will come from the interpolation of 3 textures in a mesh without UV.

I have a GLSL/Three.js implementation and I am considering switching to Babylon.js for my next project.

I don’t mind writing a new material from scratch for that (I did that in my Three.js project) but I wonder if there is a better way to enhance the PBR Material without duplicating all its features.

I have read about the upcoming node system :
Is-it something I will be able to use ?

Thanks !

Just by curiosity, have you a demo about it?

The code is part of a product I can’t disclose but it looks similar to what this guy achieves on Cinema4D Triplanar Mapping in C4D on Vimeo

If I go ahead with Babylon.js, I will share a generic demo and the source code.

@Deltakosh Do you think I will be able to use the node based system for materials to achieve this or should I go with my own custom GLSL shader ?

This will be exactly the goal of the node material :slight_smile:
If you want to have a EARLY pre alpha full of bug version:

Material with two lights:

Material with morph target, two textures and fog:

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Fantastic! when do you expect to release it?

I can’t wait! I want it!

You can TRY to use it now :smiley:
It is planned for 4.1 (end of november)