Is there a way to generate normals in Babylon Sandbox?

Hi all,
is there a way to generate normals for a mesh that’s been loaded into the Babylon Sandbox? The use case is I’m loading OBJ meshes into the Sandbox that don’t have any normal data in them, and they appear completely flat shaded. It seems the vertex normals are all getting set to point straight up upon importing. In my own project, I’m able to generate the correct normals by calling createNormals() on the mesh, or using the OBJFileLoader.COMPUTE_NORMALS = true; setting. But ideally I can preview these meshes directly in the Sandbox with smooth shading. Anyone know if it’s possible?

Here is an example OBJ of a sphere (6.8 KB)

and how it looks in the Sandbox:

I get your need but this is not the goal of the sandbox :frowning: You will need to add it using the playground for instance and then save it in glb or babylon file format