Issue in Mystery Demo Tutorial

So, I am following the tutorial on youtube.

But there is some discrepancies, I am not able to see the out field in the editor like

the one in the video.

Is there any update on the API, or is there something which I am missing?

Nipun David

Pinging @PirateJC

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Hey @nipundavid

Yes indeed we have indeed changed the UI in an attempt to make it cleaner and easier to use. This reminds me that we should probably do a video explaining the changes we’ve made!

The change is: now for frames (the colored groups), rather than showing every possible input and output on the frame, we limit what’s initially shown to what inputs and outputs have connections outside of the frame.

The good news however, is that we’ve made it so that you can now select any input our output “bubble” (we call them ports) and choose to expose it to the frame. Here’s an example:

From this playground:

This is what a collapsed frame looks like now:

Notice how there are 2 input port (x and y) and one output port (output).

When we expand the frame it looks like this:

The x and y input port come from this vector merger node:

And the output port comes from this final scale node:

Let’s look at a node in the middle of our frame with multiple unused ports. How about this Vector Splitter node:

See the purple input port labeled ‘xyz.’ If you select that port you’ll see this in the inspector

These are two brand new properties that you see. First, you can use the Port Label to change the name of the input or output! That’s awesome!

That second one is the one that’s causing the main confusion with what you’re seeing in the YouTube video. Unless a port is connected to another node outside of the frame, this property “Expose Port on Frame” will be set to off.

If you turn this property on, it does something really cool. The collapsed frame will now look like this:

Pretty cool right!

Sorry for the long explanation. I hope this helps clear up why you’re seeing something different today vs. when that video was released. @belfortk did some great work cleaning up the frames so they were less annoying to look at in collapsed mode, and easier to work with for managing input and output connections.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about it! And thanks for bringing it up…I should probably do a video talking about these new changes!




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