Issue loading from snippet server

I am having trouble loading GUI from the snippet server when I use the ID: MMWSUI#5 the GUI works, but in the GUI editor after loading the same GUI by snippet ID: MMWSUI#5 and then saving it to get a new ID: MMWSUI#30, it doesn’t work in the playground. Is it because it takes time for the snippets to load onto the server? How could I load from a .json file on my PC instead if not from a snippet?

When I replace your code with a reference to the snippet #30, I’ve got an error but only because of this line:

let colorPickerButton = advancedTexture.getControlByName("ColorPickerButton");

There is no control named ColorPickerButton in your new snippet

Ok, thanks but I can’t seem to find the control ColorPickerButton when I load the snippet #5 in the editor either.

It should be there though as the code finds it :slight_smile:

When “loading from snippets” in the online GUI editor it deletes the “ColorPickerButton”, you can see it for a second before it disappears. Is it because the button is outside the “BackgroundBox” of snippet #5? I have been unsuccessful in adding a “ColorPickerButton” back in, after trying to load again after saving it keeps appearing briefly and then disappearing.

But if I type the snippet in the URL of the GUI editor directly and don’t use load from snippet it doesn’t delete the buttons and I can see the one in snippet #5 and the one I tried adding back in in snippet #37

I got it working now but I had to recopy from snippet #5 and had a hard time remaking the button, even though I gave it the same name it didn’t work.