Issue with box mesh coloring

Im trying to get the inside of my box mesh to have more of a unified color. I used backFaceCulling (th

rough trial/error it was the only thing that worked for me) but cant get the colors right.

Goal is to color than add link tabs to outer walls that will go to other pages. I thought of placing logo in center wall but my best friend didnt think it would be a good idea(Im open to style suggestions :relaxed:).

Here is my PG: Babylon.js Playground

Also attached screenshot of how it looks on laptop. Thank ya

:orange_heart: :blue_heart:,

Your PG can’t load the picture (Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation).

If you want more uniform lighting, you should use a directional light instead of point lights, or just an hemispheric light with (0,1,0) as the direction.

Thank ya Sir @Evgeni_Popov :heart:

Sorry for not adding image…my apologies. I adjusted both hemi/point lights and things look better!