Babylon Unity Toolkit doesn't export scene correctly


I have set up Babylon Toolkit correctly…
I also have set the Export Path correctly…
I have Installed Typescript correctly… etc.
I have also walked through the entire setup over and over again just to be completely sure, that I wasn’t missing any detail.
The Build seems to run through correctly as well…

…and yet, every time I try to view my Scene it schows me the attached Error in the Web-Console.

I am sure, that I am missing something… must be.

Please, does anyone have any Ideas or advice on how to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance!

Just to catch up on this…
I was using the latest Unity Version. I‘ve switched to Unity 2020.2 and now it‘s working fine.

@MackeyK24 is there a reason why “Camera Rig – ArchRotateCamera” is not supported in the latest Toolset-Version?


adding @MackeyK24 the unity exporter daddy

What does the export folder look like… can you zip up project and send to me

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Yeah the toolkit requires minimum version Unity 2020.

So are you good now ?

Hi @MackeyK24 and thank you for your fast reply!
Yes, it works now fine with Unity Version 2020.3.

The only question I have left is, why the camara rig isn‘t included in your latest unity toolkit version?
I would love to use the ArcRotationCamera but unfortunately it isn‘t included.

Best Regards

It was really a design decision. The UniversalCameraSystem is now part of the Starter Content so it gets instantiated a bit later in the GLTF scene loading process AFTER the main BABYLON.FreeCamera or BABYLON.UniversialCamera has already been created. So i really have to delete the default camera and create a new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera and the switch the scene.activeCamera.

I didnt like doing that in my UniversalCameraSystem component. So if you want an ArcRotateCamera, probobly best to NOT use the UniversalCameraSystem component, but make your own camera script component…In the awake function create your new ArcRotateCamera and switch to the active camera:

this.scene.activeCamera = mynewcamera;

Thank you for yout time @MackeyK24!
Works all fine now – much appreciated :slight_smile: