Issues with FBX loader plugin

Is anyone using this FBX loader plugin GitHub - Benjythebee/babylonjs-fbx-loader with Babylon js (> v6.34) or got something similar working? Currently I am seeing an issue (0 , path_1.resolve) is not a function when importing a mesh?

Unfortunately I cant make a playground as I am importing this library in an Angular project.

I have also tried upgrading the library myself and contacting the developer but no luck, any help on this would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I cannot help on this FBX importer issue, but as a temporary solution I would advise to convert your assets to GLTF/GLB (using Blender for example) as their import is well supported in BJS already


The library seems to be umaintained, but the original developer is open to merging pull requests - Getting error (0 , path_1.resolve) is not a function when importing a mesh · Issue #5 · Benjythebee/babylonjs-fbx-loader (

Babylon doesn’t officially support FBX, so this is not a project maintained by the team.

Thanks for the responses @Tricotou and @RaananW I know I can export our models as gltf but it would help our asset pipeline if we could use .fbx out of the box its a real shame Babylon JS doesn’t support this but 3 js does.

Also, maybe you could try such tools : fbx2gltf . Never tried, but it would be a way to convert from fbx to gltf on the fly, without reworking your asset pipeline :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion @Tricotou I already tried that tool, its works %80 - %90 of the time but more complex models with blend shapes or animations dont play nicely with it.