Old Particle Editor?

Is the old particle editor still available somewhere? Now, when I go to editor.babylonjs.com, I get the desktop application page. I’ve installed the desktop app, but it doesn’t fit my needs.

My project loads particle systems in the form of .JSON files. This new editor doesn’t appear to export to .JSON, just .Babylon files (which, I know, are JSON). These don’t seem to suit my needs, plus, the new editor is wonky: when I change textures for a particle, the system breaks. The colors seem out of order, too (ie: the default alpha of doesn’t make the particle slowly disappear, it just vanishes in an instant.)

I was hoping the old web-based editor was still available somewhere as the new desktop editor seems like it’s still heavily in beta and not quite suitable for my needs - I just need to edit particle systems and export the JSON files.

Anyone have solutions?


Is this what you are looking for?

That must be it. I thought there was a different editor at the editor.babylonjs.com site but maybe it became obsolete or I’m just losing my mind.

Any reason I can’t set the “capacity” variable in the inspector?

Also, I want my particles to “fade out” on death, instead of just disappearing…apparently using an alpha value just fades to the particle’s default texture colors, but I need the entire thing to fade and gradually disappear.

Figured out the fading issue. Using a blend mode of Multiply + Add fixed it.

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