Is there any GUI based particle editor for Babylon which i can use to export JSON file?

Hi there, i am working in the art department of a mobile game we are building in Babylon. After struggling for long time in the online editor and not so successful hunt for an particle editor which can be used to export JSON file, i finally arrive here for help. Is there anything available like this?

So not sure if that helps but I did that in the past:

You can then use the ParticleHelper to save your system:

Also let me ping @julien-moreau who is the author of the editor and who can certainly improves the editor if you point him the problem you are facing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I did come across to the editor you have referred to and while it is useful in its own way, I am need of something that can help me create a more complicated set of effect.
Something like the example below.

Thanks again.

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For this type of thing I use FACTORY METHOD pattern.

something like:

let particleFactory = function( optionsObj ){
    return editedObj;


I use:

console.log(JSON.stringify( editedObj );

Then copy from DevTools and paste into the CODE, overriding the original. It works!

You may need to format the editedObj. A great place to use a FACTORY again.

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Ok here is


And how to



That is the object that I would sent into a factory to populate CUSTOM PARTICLES.

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Hey @PixelNinja
Added the issue to the Babylon.js Editor to create custom systems with save/load Save and Load custom particle systems · Issue #116 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

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@PixelNinja are you panning to use the editor to design your scenes? Or are you starting from scratch with your code?

First, I’ll add an option to save a simple particle system. Then, will add a “particle systems editor” tool to create multiple systems etc. and save the set of systems to json

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helpful to me also. Thank you both.

Excellent! Will be my next step :slight_smile:

Hi, thankyou for the response. I would like to use editor to design scenes, and create particle effects within( without using code, non-developer here.). Eventually i would want to export the particle system as a separate file(JSON perhaps) which can be used by the developers, which they can easily plug in the project.

Thanks a lot. I will run this through the dev team here. Cheers!

@PixelNinja added the first step (exporting a single paticle system as a JSON configuration).
Will add the particle systems tool ASAp so you’ll be able to export a set of particle systems. Will let you know once done.

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Hi there! Did you get any chance to work on this ?

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Hey @PixelNinja
Started working on that feature but got a problem to be solved first.
This is my next step so I’ll let you know and will be available soon.
Thanks for waiting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, hoping to see it soon :slight_smile:

@PixelNinja the v3.0.0 is out!!
Can be downloaded here: Getting Started - Babylon.js Documentation

I’ll now focus on fixing feedbacks/bugs and adding the particle systems set editor for you :slight_smile:
Will let you know once done/testable



Thanks a lot :smile: Will check it asap.

It is coming soon!


I checked the desktop editor and can confirm that it is going in the right direction. The ability to save and load JSON for particles was much needed. I remember, this feature was there earlier in the online editor aswell but got removed. Looking forward to the latest update. The screenshot looks promising :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

For realtime particles, i like the workflow of Unity particle system. The ability to create sub-emitters on different events(birth, death, collision, trigger etc.) helps create complex systems very easily.

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