L-System Explorer - a newer version

I’ve put out a new version of my L-System Explorer. It uses svelte and Bootstrap for the UI, so it looks a bit more modern. The biggest functional changes are a large set of built in examples, a better exporter, and some grids to check sizes and placement. Source code is here. The underlying babylon code is almost entirely in the turtle3d.js and scene.js files, with the svelte adaptation mostly in SceneCtrls.svelte and TurtleCtrls.svelte.

Two questions (of many) are:

  • It looks like GLTF2 format supports instances of some sort, and Blender supports them, but I don’t seem to be able to make that happen, so there’s a switch to use clones instead of instances in the UI. Is it possible to export/import instances in GLTF2?
  • And, second, I can’t get zoom to work correctly on a phone, it totally horks up the canvas. Any hints on how to configure that?

Instance should work directly. Can you share a simple GLB reproducing the issue?

For zoom on the canvas on mobile:

Also :slight_smile:

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I’ll try the phone settings in a bit, as for the instance saving bit, in trying to explain what I was doing, I found a bug in my tagging scheme that left out instances. Sometimes it’s good just to have a willing listener. Many thanks!

A blender screenshot with 3000+ spheres and a tree with several hundred ‘leaves’. Sadly no color


There must be some interaction with the svelte-splitpanes component I’m using that horks this up. I can pinch-zoom on the text area and the whole app resizes, but nothing, or something weird, happens on the canvas.

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