Large scene with model distortion on camera animation

I have a generated map from geoJSON in babylonjs and I imported a gltf model at coords around 32000km away from origin (V3(0,0,0)).
When I move or rotate camera, the model become deformed and some parts are no longer visible. Also when I try to use an animation on the camera position/rotation the animation shakes and all the meshes get some distortions on each frame.
I tried different tactics to find why this is happening, ( scaling 1:1, more frames on animations, removing the gltf, and keeping only the map, distance camera min/max ) but the only one that got me closer to fixing the problem was moving the main building model to the origin of the scene.

Are there any limitations or bugs that usually appears on these kind of large scenes? Is the moving the meshes to origin a known solution for this, or is it just a lucky coincidence?

here is an image with the deformed model :sob:

This could help Floating Origin Template for BJS 5.x - #16 by Deltakosh

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