LensRenderingPipeline error in document for access methods/API

While browsing and experimenting the rendering pipelines, I found at least 1 identified error in the doc and a number of possible improvements for this part in the doc and also the terms/name used in the inspector.

The error:

The improvement:

  • The chapter above in the doc starts with saying the methods are ‘self explanatory’. Well, they are not in my opinion.
    In fact, they change terms/names all the time depending on whether you are creating or handling the parameter. Distorsion becomes ‘Focus Depth’ or ‘Focus Distance’, ‘Edge distorsion’ is set with ‘distorsion’ (in the lens rendering pipeline), but on handling becomes ‘edge distorsion’… etc. There are lots of these in this particular section of #rendering pipelines.

Food for thoughts?…
And then, overall, I was just wondering, in the inspector and overall in the doc, why use different terms/words? Why not just speak BJS? It often creates only frustration to have it right there, but then not in the correct form.

Pinging @piratejc