Light Scan PostProcess

I write a Chinese tutorial about LightScanPostProcess and post all PG here.
1.Sample LightScan

2.Sample LightScan with Irregular scanning front

3.Sample LightScan with texture

4.Circle LightScan with texture

5.Circle LightScan with Irregular scanning front


PostProcess has inspectableCustomProperties, but it looks like not working? I have to write a TransformNode to editor parmeters of pps.

Is this anyhow related to the later fx created in NME by @PatrickRyan or is it your own doing incidentally coming in about the same time?
In any case, it looks quite good and versatile (with all these options right down to texturing :heart_eyes:). GJ and great job doing the chinese tutorial.
What about making an english version for the larger community of users?

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Sorry,I am not good at English. May be some language barrier,sometimes Chinese
article also make me headache too . I think I can just do some easy read and easy write in English. :sob:

Don’t worry. I understand. English is also not my language.

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This PR will add the missing support: