lightGizmo not pickable and cameraGizmo not visible


Guess I have to ping @Cedric for the Gizmos
I would like to be able to select the lightGizmo but this is not selectable, even with isPichable = true.

For the cameraGizmo, it’s cool to have added it, thanks, but we don’t see a representative camera mesh like with the different lights. It would be good if there was a cameraGizmo class like lightGizmo and the gizmos selectable.

Thanks in advance.

Up @Cedric

I saw on another post that you were going to look to have a mesh for the cameraGizmo
And for the lights that cannot be selected to get the Gizmo?

Thank you

Yes, I’ll try to do everything this week.

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Thanks Cedric, that’s cool :slightly_smiling_face: