Different behavior between LightGizmo and CameraGizmo


The problem is with the lightGizmo which does not react like the CameraGizmo which has the expected behavior.


  • If we add a GizmoManager to a light, it is not attached to the LightGizmo (and yet the light is attached to the LightGizmo). It works great on CameraGizmo
  • The GizmoManager is not looking the same direction as the LightGizmo (but I think it relates to the first problem above). On the camera, it looks in the right direction.

Test PG:

  • Move the camera with the Gizmo, everything is OK.
  • Move the light with the Gizmo and the light does not move. It should be attached to the light which is attached to the LightGizmo like the camera.


PS: It would be nice if the Gizmo Light and Camera had the same color of materials, to keep the same consistency. There we have a white Gizmo and another Gray.

Thank you

ok I fixed the color and now you can move the lights :slight_smile:
For direction is it expected because lights have no rotation (only a direction)

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Ok, thanks for the fix. I imagine it will be for next night?

Yes, I now understand the direction of the light.

Thanks again

yes building it as we speak

will be live in a couple of hours

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It looks good. I can move the light to the PG now.

Cool. I mark as ‘Solution’