Gizmo Support for Cameras

A Gizmo for cameras could be useful for positioning cameras not controlled by the user.

Currently, the gizmo remains on the previously selected object (the cube) after selecting the camera.

This is part of a larger conversation on the interface of the Editor v4.0.0-beta.3

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Adding @julien-moreau our editor mastermind.

You can always make a blank transform node then onBeforeRender update the camera to the transforms rotation and positions, then just manipulate that transform.

Hey @sebavan and @Pryme8 thanks for all these solutions :slight_smile:
The post looks more like a feature request for Babylon.JS. Babylon.JS provides gizmos to translate/rotate/scale objects but also a light gizmo class that helps to visually debug the light (direction, color, etc.). Do you think a “CameraGizmo” class should exist like the existing one for lights which is “LightGizmo” ?

I think the intended gizmos would look like:


@sebavan do you think the Gizmo’s mastermind (don’t who is he/she) would be interested on adding that kind of gizmo in Babylon.JS ? Like we have today for the Light Gizmo in Babylon.JS ?

I guess it would be @Cedric and I love the idea :slight_smile: Not sure he ll have bandwidth now but definitely a cool feature.

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Sounds possible to me. Let me check that.


You both rox!! @sebavan and @Cedric

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It works! Let me do a proper PR and you should get it live by tomorrow. Also, the PG I used to test looks like that:


PR gizmos now support cameras by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #8640 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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That was so quick!! You really rox!
@tbunker will be happy and I’ll release a new beta once the babylonjs module has been puslihed on NPM :slight_smile:

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Is there documentation for LightGizmo and CameraGizmo?
I didn’t know they existed and I don’t see how to use them.
How is the camera represented? I don’t see a representative wick to create for her as for the lights

Thank you

I’ll update the documentation with a PG to highlight (no pun intended) that.


I just tried the cameraGizmo, but we don’t see a selectable camera as we can see on the lights.
I had imagine something like in this picture


My test PG here:

I’ll do my best to take care of that this week.

Hey @Dad72

I might not be able to finish light/cameragizmo picking before going on vacation (this Friday). But the cameraGizmo is on good rails and should be merged this week. (crossing fingers)

Might interest @julien-moreau as well.

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It looks good. Hopefully it will be for this week.
Do you think you can make the lights selectable?
And will the cameraGizmo be?

And have a good holiday.

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@Cedric who cleared your time off!!! Im gonna have to have a word with management… hahah :slight_smile: enjoy your time off dude (lucky)!

Do you think I will be able to use what is in place already to attach the gizmos to bones?

I guess so! I don’t think anything will block you. In case of emergency, you can ping me on this forum. I’ll keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

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@Cedric this is just awesome, can’t wait to integrate it!!
Anyway, it is holidays time, no rush!!! =D

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