Lights: shadows only

Hello there, is there a way to use / create light only to generate shadows cast from objects on the terrain (usual in 3d software)? When I choose terrain as “mesh excluded” then the shadow is not visible also. “ShadowOnly material” looked like something I was looking for. The problem is that this material does not have parameters like PBR materials, Arnold… Thanks for help in advance.

Can you tell us more your use case? Or even better can you repro in the playground what you already have?

It’s simple. I have a lot of lights in the complicate scene, strategically placed, they have low intensity. And that’s a problem. The lights do not have the power to cast a shadow. So I need to create one more light that doesn’t illuminate functions (that’s done). I just need to cast a shadow only. Something similar to the 3D modeling software functions.

I would have preferred a simple repro of what you wanted but let’s try this:

  • set your light.includeOnlyMeshes to your ground
  • make sure you set the light shadowgenerator renderlist to all the meshes you want to cast shadows