Lines 3D game - online and mobile

Hi All,
For many years I love to play Lines game. And now I created my 3D version with Babylon.js. It’s online game and mobile game (so far only Android version). Please take a look on my site:
and on Google Play:

The project was created as an Angular+Babylon.js+Cordova combination.
Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


this looks really cool! congrats!!!

Thank you, you are encouraging me to continue :slight_smile:

I genuinely think it is great so please continue ;D

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@ogo awesome game. Any chance of open-sourcing this?
This would be a great example for new learners like me.


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@tharindudg Thanks for your comments. I have no plans to make it open-source for now, it’s actually a lot of work :slight_smile:
If you are interesting how this game was made, here are some links:
Angular + BabylonJS: Integration Basics: Integrating BabylonJS 3D Engine Into An Angular Business Application - Part 1
Angular + Cordova: How to wrap an Angular app with Apache Cordova
Basic Lines algorithm: line-98
All the rest is from BabylonJS doc and examples.

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@ogo Thanks. That helps.

Great game and excellent design!

It is brilliant !!!

Thank you, guys, for your comments!