Load character with more than one animation to babylon

I have a problem. I download 3D models from Mixamo, in Blender I add example animations (walk, run, idle), but when I upload that model to my scene in Babylon, when I want to rotate the character with the keys (a or d) instead of rotating the character over its axis, it is the camera that begins to rotate around the character

Hi @mani and welcome to the forum.

Sorry for that but I’ve translated the spanish title of your post to english to help other users in their answers

We will need a repro to help :wink: (in the playground)

in blender, this is how I add the animations

As @Deltakosh notes, it would be good if you can create a playground with what you are trying to do so that we can help you with the code. I’m guessing you are using an ArcRotateCamera which rotates the camera around the target object.

pero si creo un patio de juegos, que seria tener que poner todos mis archivos en uno solo, cómo se visualizarían la carga de modelos que tendría en carpetas como Assest?.
por lo que veo los patio de juego consisten en eso no? tener todo en un solo archivo para poder visualizarse a la derecha

y siento tener que responder tarde!!

You have to understand that you have to help us helping you:) we need a simple repro case in the playground to see the problem and provide accurate help:)