Loading OBJ, mesh flipped,sandbox and editor

I used Babylon.js a few years back to showcase my 3d scans and I managed to get it work.
I’d like to use the Babylon.js viewer now, and also to convert the OBJ + textures to .babylon or GLTF.
Using sandbox I have issues with the mesh being loaded flipped.
I used scene.useRightHandedSystem = true in my old scripts but have no clue how to change the handedness in the sandbox or editor.

How do I go about it without messing with my old asset OBJs?

In the sandbox a trick could be opening the devtools and do BABYLON.Engine.LastCreatedScene.useRightHandedSystem = true and let me add @julien-moreau for the editor ?

@Brilliant_name the editor tries to keep being left handed.
Is there a way to test one of your OBJ files ?