LOD in custom camera mode (Zoom to mouse position LOD)

Hello everyone!
I came across this cool playground: Babylon.js Playground
I added a box with a LOD: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DD2IDJ#42 (lines 20-27)

and it seems that LOD doesn’t work. How to trigger LOD in such a camera mode?

I’m not quite sure what are you a looking for. LOD = Level of detail?


LOD does work, it is just very hard to check with the way it was implemented.

Only boxes with different sizes, at a distance of 10 units (the camera starts at 150) will not give you the proper results.

Try this - Map-like controls for ArcRotate camera. | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs-playground.com)

Sphere to box, and only one level of LOD at 100.


You are right @RaananW, that was a frivolous question since I didn’t notice that I put the same distances in the lod method…

I also came across this playground with the functionality of the scroll in the orthographic mode: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#EBPQH9#45 lines 103-115
I console log camera distance to the mesh and it’s almost the same all the time.

When zooming in and out you don’t change the distance to the object but the orthographic camera definition. Notice that the distance changes when you are panning, this is because, in that case, you use the standard implementation.


Ok, I get it now, thanks for the explanation. So do you think that is possible to create LOD functionality in this mode? I’d have to create my own LOD implementation?

Just as the camera zoom is custom-made, you could develop a custom LOD system, but the definition should come from you.

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