Looking forward to the first stable version

Hello, when do you plan to release the first stable version of native

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cc @bghgary for your question

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This is a hard question to answer right now. Although we have many features already working, there are still a number of features that are not completed yet to be at parity with the Babylon.js feature set as well as some foundational work still in progress. It is difficult to estimate when these will land as some of this work require experimentation/iteration before we get them right. Currently, these features are prioritized based on partners/community needs. If you have specific scenarios/needs, please let us know. :slight_smile:

I want make game with Babylon native ,but it not support ttf render yet ,so i hope it coming as soon as possible

Is this helpful Dynamic Textures in glb model - #16 by Cedric ?

thank you,i have seen it,i need is text render not just load ttf file, text render is not fully available in polyfilll,wait for it to complete

text rendering with gui should be ok if you load the ttf file @Cedric could confirm.

Yes, it works. You can find a use case in this PG test :

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i know need thirdparty nanovg

Internally, the canvas polyfill plugin uses nanovg.

ok,tank you,i will try it later

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