Consider adding default serif, sans serif and mono fonts to Babylon Native for GUI text rendering


It’s likely already in the road map, but it’d be great to have default generic serif, sans serif and mono fonts loaded with Babylon Native, that support the full Unicode set.

We support multiple languages in our app but it looks like fonts need to be explicitly loaded for use in native yet we’ve had trouble with cross-platform bundling and loading of project assets like meshes, textures and fonts.

Having inbuilt defaults would at least provide a decent starting point without having to jump through too many hoops.

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cc @BabylonNative

The text rendering for the Canvas polyfill is in an experimental state. We don’t have immediate plans to improve this. I agree adding default fonts will make things easier, but it also adds to the default disk footprint. Maybe @Cedric also has thoughts.

What Gary said. We also have plan to split BabylonReactNative into something like plugins and separate packages. Maybe Canvas can have its separate npm so it would be less an issue to have default fonts. This is not part of a roadmap so I would not bet on availability in the near future.

Ok no worries @bghgary and @Cedric . Thanks.