Low-poly water solution

Let me start off by saying long time no see, hope everyone is doing well & staying safe during these odd times.

after a couple hours searching I’m almost certain there’s no information on this, however I may be looking in all the wrong places. My hope is to create a low-poly water body, including waves. my end goal looks similar to this:

Any/all help is appreciated.

@Ateria I know it’s likely not quite the effect you’re going for, but I’d be tempted to try an animated tileable normal map applied to a single quad plane. You may still be able to get that polygonal look, without the overhead of real-time deformation of many extra polys. Just a thought.


Here is the land setup, Ill do the water when I get a chance here.

Hoping to use a CustomShader and pingpong some flow dynamics with the heightmap being refrenced.

But for now Im going to bed…


@Pryme8 I knew I should have asked you directly :rofl: looking forward to hearing some news on this :slight_smile:


Just need to update the normal data now, that might be a pain but well seee…


Can’t thank you enough, is there a way I’m able to compensate you for your help?

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https://playground.babylonjs.com/#UTZ6TK#20 < less detail on the water.
https://playground.babylonjs.com/#UTZ6TK#21 bigger waves
this is about as far as I can go for now. I have lots of work right now and though its fun to work on this on my breaks, its nicer to have breaks XD…

Anyways figure out how to get the normal’s to apply to the reflection and I bet this is awesome


so pretty !!!