Pontoon builder

Here is something I did a year ago (Babylon.js v4.2.2) as a POC:
Linkfloteᵀᴹ Pontoon Builder (razmax.co)


  • Optimised assets (attempting to re-use geometry, textures etc)
  • Dynamic templating features from JSON and URL
  • Compressed and cyphered URL parameters to share custom configurations (was created before API was an option. A bit overkill but was a fun task)
  • Alternative app mode to save/load configurations from API
  • Custom file format (JSON) to export and import model configurations from SketckUp (based on Asset Libary). This allows designers to create complex layouts in SketchUp using additional assets not in the builder
  • UI/UX accessible approach (prevent requirement of control in 3D) though not yet fully mobile & iOS friendly
  • Easter-eggs on certain dates…

I want to thank the community for making the learning enjoyable with all the helpful topics and efforts.


Very nice :slight_smile:
It looks like you are using Microsoft Fluent UI (MS Fabric). You should check if the license works for you. The license for the icons and font is a bit special: Fluent UI License
In our case we decided to use a different font and icons just to avoid any issues.


Nicely done !!!


As everything should be :slight_smile:

Metric system jokes aside, really like the UI and camera movement, it feels super smooth! And the ocean looks beautiful too :smiley:

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I’m having trouble viewing this - it just sits on “Loading Model Library 100%” forever. Tried in Chrome & Firefox on both Windows & Mac. No console errors in Chrome, but in Firefox I get this:

It may be an async issue or web server config for the babylon file. I’ll have a look. My last commit was a 30min rush to get the API done for the web dev :grimacing: thank you for reporting!