Low Render Resolution behind transparent objects

I have a transparent material (imported via blender glb) that I use for a cockpit canopy.
However everything that is seen through the transparent glass, seems to have very low resolution compared tot he rest of the image.
Especially edges are very jarring through this.

Is there any global Babylon setting that could influence this?

I tried changing different values in the material but nothing seems to be working.

It’s probably coming from the resolution of the transmission helper texture, which is 1024x1024 by default.

You can try to raise it by doing:

scene._transmissionHelper.updateOptions({ renderSize: 2048 });

after the glb is loaded.

I tried your solution, but it throws an error, that the _transmissionHelper property doesn’t exist on the scene type.

Have you execute the line after the glb is loaded? scene._transmissionHelper won’t exist before the file is fully loaded.

Yep, I have a function that gets called once all glb or other files needed at startup are loaded in.

I also get this error before building in the editor itself, so it could be an error within visual studio technically that I dont see it. But I also can"t find the property when looking through the typescript module.

So it would mean the glb is not using the KHR_materials_transmission extension as I thought…

In that case I don’t know what the problem could be. If possible, you should setup a playground so that we can have a more thorough look at it.

Ill try to build a playground scene with some assets from the art team using them same configuration.

Hello @Leolele99 just checking in, are you still having issues?