Making Paper with Standard Material

Hi all!

I have made some textures for procedurally creating stacks of money in Bablyon. Am using the detail mapping technique with the standard material, so I just have a diffuse map and a combined normal/height map. It has come out looking ok, but I wish I could make the material have a more paper like appearance. I have tried adjusting the specular power and the roughness value, but no matter what settings I try it still comes out quite plastic looking. Please see the attached image. Is there any suggestions you might have for what settings to tweak on the standard material to get a papery look or will I have to use PBR material for this?

Sorry, I meant to say “parallax mapping” not detail mapping…

As you’re using standardMaterial, you should tweak the specular power too

About the roughness property, which is actually in the API, I don’t know how it should influence the material, with a spheremap it does nothing: Babylon.js Playground


Thanks Vinc3r. I had already played around with the specular power slider, but actually hadn’t tried setting the specular colour to a very dark gray as you have in that image. Just doing that has made my material look a lot more acceptable. Thanks for the inspiration!

Aye I had tried setting the roughness, but later learned that this only really comes into effect when you have a very shiny material, the roughness controls how blurry the surface reflections are.

Thanks for your help!