PBR vs StandardMaterial


I have a question and I think I should know the answer, but I do not.

Since day one, I have been using StandardMaterial using a baked AO and Lightmap with diffuse and specular maps. A customer is looking for greater realism with a long term project, so my question is this:

Would I get a greater sense of realism using the same AO, Lightmap, diffuse / albedo etc with a PBR material than I do with StandardMaterial?

Hope this is not too much of a vague question.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m still new to the Standard Material in Babylon so I’m not certain of all it’s ins and outs; but as far as PBR materials go, they are definitely a great way to add realism. As their name states, being physically based means they have a foundation of realism for you to build upon.

Your texture maps might need some tweaking going between the two materials though. Converting a specular map to a roughness or gloss map, for example.

I’d recommend testing simple, identical materials on two spheres: set one to Standard Material, and the the other to PBR. Then see which suits your needs.

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