Male and Female Character (.obj-.fbx-.babylon-.glb)

Can you give examples of male and female characters with or without animation, dressed in texture that I can use in babylonjs? Where can I find? They are paid on many sites.

Might want to check out this tutorial section in our documentation Animating Characters | Babylon.js Documentation

Would also recommend as advice from the art world: If you do end up using others’ art/art tutorials make sure that you have permission to do so and they should be credited somewhere in the project. In our playground examples, we directly credit source materials.

Also doesn’t hurt to crack open a blender and learn some basic modeling and animation. :wink:


Once again, this is a game design question rather than a Babylon question. I agree with msDestiny, please always make sure you have permission to use any asset, and that you properly credit it. Failing to do so can even cause legal trouble. If you don’t want to get permission/credit, then your only way is paying for assets, or making them yourself. is a good place to check free assets (but you still have to credit them!)


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CGTrader - 3D Models for VR / AR and CG projects

3D Models for Free -

3D Models for Professionals :: TurboSquid

We can use this links for a character.