Many warnings when open up Max 2020 and no new menu

Hi maybe one could help me with this issue. For the start, I am not sure if the actual plugin to export glts (GitHub - BabylonJS/Exporters: Exporters for Babylon.js and gltf file formats) is compatible with 3DS Max 2020. If not it would be nice to know if it is planned in the near future to implement. And then the question/bug below is probably much a compatibility problem.

The program starts and seems to work like usual after a bunch of error messages (lightshot links below) but I see no Babylon tab in the menu bar. Must be something with the dlls since when I recover the backup file the error messages are gone. - do I really have only to copy the dll like the tutorial says into the assemblies folder? Or do I miss something?

Thx for any help!

Iā€™m getting the same warnings, even with using 3ds max version 2019 and the according dll files for it.
Additionally I receive 7 of those afterwards:

Any idea on how the get this working? :frowning:

Did you unblock the files?
Adding @drigax

Yeah thx that was the problem. I got no warning so I thought it wasn`t necessary and then I had to unpack a second zip inside of the zip o.o