Material on "thin surface"

Hi guys,
I have a question again. :joy:
I’m trying to add wood material on my polygon. It works fine when the thickness is large, but when it is “thin”, the top surface seems very smooth.

Is it possible to make the texture tiling without influences by the thickness?

You might need to change the UVs to achieve your goal. Adding our in house artist @PatrickRyan for confirmation.

Dunno how acceptable it is , but what about changing the texture scale:
works well for the thin one, looks weird for the thick one :slight_smile:

But I also think @sebavan is right - it is all about the uv mapping. that would be the cleanest solution

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@Notruilin, both @sebavan and @RaananW are right in that your UVs for the extrusion need to be scaled. Unfortunately, the current implementation of extrudePolygon only supports scaling of UVs on the front and back face of the mesh. This would be a new control for extrudePolygon, but one that is needed for just this case. I am hoping that @jerome or @JohnK who I am told were the authors of the feature may be able to add control over the UV scaling of the extrusion geometry.

It works well in my project. Thanks for your help. :smile:

@Notruilin glad you have found a solution that works. As an alternative one way to adjust the UVs used is by applying the material to individual faces Apply Material to Individual Faces - Babylon.js Documentation


Oh, that looks better! Thank you so much :smile: