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Hi there,
In order to make sure everytime I export anything more than once to glTF with the exporter, it would be SUPER nice if MAYA got back any kind of script.
So, when I export to FBX for example, I get a MEL code back. And with that, I can make a custom button to make MAYA automatically do the SAME export again without human error involved.
Could that be implemented?
So for example, I could make a button that “selects these objects → select all their hierarquies → select diserable options at export → export”, and do it exactly the same again and again.


we are stopping our support for the gltf exporter in Autodesk tools:

Our exporter code remains open source of course

That’s really bad news.
I haven’t read anywhere any Autodesk estimated time for a glTF own exporter…

cc @PirateJC if he has more info on the timeline

Actually, @PatrickRyan and @bghgary would have the latest information. My understanding is that some basic export capabilities already exist, but Patrick and Gary would know best.

I’m not aware of any plans to support glTF export for Maya. There is a newly released glTF exporter for Max, but it is a fairly basic glTF exporter at the moment: 3ds Max 2023 Help | glTF Material & Exporter | Autodesk

Since you are stopping developing your, I really hope autodesk exporters will be good enough (cough, cough) to be able to use them in production.
Anyway, that MAX exporter doesn’t even export animations!

Our exporter remains public and open if someone is interested in continuing the fight :wink:

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