Mergemeshes takes a lot of time

Is there any way to speed it up?

I think: yes. It depence upon your purposes BUT if you like to pose and/or rotate a bundle of meshes in a single step why don’t you use a pivot?

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Merging improves the FPS at runtime, but at the cost of increasing the load time.

The use of meshes is not the best strategy in my opinion. Take a near look at this video, the guys use only points to display highly complex images on an ordinary computer in no time:

I have many mesh of the same material. In order to improve FPS. Merger seems to be the best option

Have you considered

It is very difficult to give advice about optimization of multiple meshes without knowing more about your approach. For example are you creating your meshes or importing them, how many different meshes are there, are you using instances etc?。Please check this post of mine. The wall uses merge.

This might increase download time or server resources, but have you tried taking your scene and serializing it? Trying to build everything when the scene is loading has its limits. You are building all these meshes, only to merge them.

Seems like all this work being done might also have really bad lag on under powered machines. If it were me, I would rather deal with machines on slower networks than ancient CPUS or very little memory.

Thank you for your attention. Each project is different. What you said is not suitable for my project.

Perhaps something like this would be faster

This is how my walls were created and merged. It’s just that there are too many walls in my scene. Merge taim