Mesh Clone then Flip Normals

I am attempting to clone a mesh and then flip the normals of that second mesh.

However, it seems that cloning isn’t doing the deepest clone, as calling .flipFaces(true) shows both meshes seems to be using the same vertex buffer perhaps?

Is there a way to clone the buffers? The reasoning for this is I am trying to create a tube with a double sided mesh, but I want to update the positions buffer of that tube randomly based on the normal. This works okay for the outer mesh, but the inner mesh I have to flip the normals and it just gets weird/complicated and doesn’t seem to match up perfectly.

I suppose I could just create 2 objects at once and then set one to have a different side orientation, just was hoping a clone would do all of that for me.

It looks like you can clone the geometry as well to get your desired behavior, see this playground

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