Import texture from blender

Hi, when I import texture file exported from blender and add texture to material, the texture is not displayed correctly.
Has anyone the same problem?

Hi @robgua, could you create a Playground showing the problem you’re facing (or show us the code you’re using)?

Yes, really need more info, maybe start with what exporter you are using, and screen shots on both sides.

A PG which is doing a load of an export is a bit of a setup. If you are using the .babylon exporter, you can use the inline texture checkbox on World exporter properties to cut down on issues / setup. The GLB does that by default.

Hi @gbz, sorry if I reply you with a few days late.
This is the PG
When I click “new texture” button, I would like to view new texture like

but I really can’t align it corretly.

I don’t understand why if I load new texture
through inspector it works correctly

I’m at the beginning with babylonjs and 3D graphics.
I hope you can help me, thank you in advance.

I solved it with “albedoTexture.updateURL(”


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