Mesh.isEnabled versus Mesh.isVisible

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Can someone please help me understand the difference between Mesh.isEnabled and Mesh.isVisible? Mesh.isVisible is pretty self explanatory, however I am not sure if it should be used in conjunction with Mesh.isEnabled. Both seem to update the visibility.

I created this babylon.js playground to help me improve my understanding:

From my observations, it seems like updating Mesh.isEnabled does not necessarily change the visibility of a Mesh or the value of Mesh.isEnabled.

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If disabled, it will block node and its children from rendering (not considered by scene), so it improves performance. From what I know this includes all kinds of stuff like matrix (position, scale, rotation), visibility etc., everything related to scene. That way the renderer can skip all the calculations and it will use less memory/storage.

While invisible meshes can still update its matrix (position, scale, rotation), so you can move them like as collision meshes. Which (the collision) will not be considered on disabled meshes.

Note: I never heard of isVisible-property for nodes.


Thank you @Takemura. This helps a lot :pray: