Mesh.isEnabled and Mesh.isVisible - showing up in inspector?

Hey folks,

I know we can set a mesh either isEnabled or isVisible. Here is a related question:

Just wondering, when we set either of them to false, will the mesh item still show up in the inspector? When I test it in PG, they looks still exist in inspector no matter what “visible” or “enable” state is.

Is there a case for example if we set a mesh setEnabled(false), the mesh item will disappear in the inspector somehow?

Hope this question makes sense. I am just trying to figure out the relationship between visible/enabled state and their availability in inspector.

Many thanks

The Inspector is a debugging tool, so yes, it will still list disabled and hidden meshes.
isEnabled / isVisible only hides/stops the mesh from being rendered.

You are however free to fork, edit and build it yourself :slight_smile:
It’s part of the main babylonjs project;


Make sense! Thank you very much for the answer @aWeirdo !!