Mesh problems after loading in many meshes

I ran into a problem where mesh shading becomes messed up after loading in many meshes (about 8 of them, each from 40MB embedded GLTF file). Here’s a sample image of how it messes up versus the expected behavior:



This happens after the camera is manipulated to go past the meshes AND if I have 8+ of these meshes loaded. Some shader starts to break as the camera moves around the scene (no collision check for these assets). Is that just a hardware problem like a memory/buffer overflow, or is that a fixable bug?

It might have been a bug in my own code (the highlight layer especially), but just wanted to check if its a known problem with other ppl too.

Pictures are not really enough. Did you check the console for errors?

If you can, I would work on getting that file size down. Doing 4 clothed headless torsos & being extremely wasteful, I doubt I could get up to 0.5 Mb.

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Yes, that’s on the roadwork (getting mesh simplification to work on our server). But we might potentially have people who want to load 12-50 of these meshes at once. The app is like a model viewer that adds new assets based on user demand. Even with mesh simplification it would be down to 2-5MB per file at least, probably even more unless the textures get sized down, too.

Instancing won’t work either, since each mesh is intended to be unique; I only used the same ones for testing purposes.

I will try to dig around to see if I suppressed any error messages, but I didn’t see anything that stood out.

I just remembered that I have multiple tabs of the same page open (so multiple those 8 meshes with 2 tabs), so perhaps that’s pushing my PC to the limits or something.