MeshDebugPluginMaterial Vertex information error

I found that after using PrepareMeshForTrianglesAndVerticesMode, the number of vertex information is not three times that of the original model, but the number of triangles is three times that of the original model.

PrepareMeshForTrianglesAndVerticesMode is tripling the number of triangles and vertices in the mesh’s vertex buffers


faces:: 6036
vertices:: 12072

You’re right, this PR will fix the note:

@Evgeni_Popov How to calculate the original number of vertices based on the number of vertices after using MeshDebugPluginMaterial?

You can’t, because some vertices could have been reused multiple times in the original index buffer. The easiest way to know is to simply do mesh.getTotalVertices() before calling PrepareMeshForTrianglesAndVerticesMode.

Okay, I understand