Meshes simplifiy and animation skeleton


When using Simplify (LOD) on a mesh, the animations are not playing on the remote mesh depending on the distance from the camera.

In this PG if you move the camera away the 3 characters stop their animation, if you get closer, the animations play when the camera is close enough.

What I’m trying to do is have all the characters play the animation regardless of the distance from the camera.

Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you for your help.

I do not think it is possible with our simplification system and skeletons/bones (cc @RaananW) You would need smthg like the msft_lod extension in GLTF I guess

Oh, no, this is not supported. Wasn’t even considered when the simplification feature was implemented. We can research into that, but I am not sure any of us will have time for that in the near future

So I must in the case of characters, use the manual LOD function rather than LOD simplify which is more for static objects ?

the simplify function is meant for static objects, yes.

But will it work with manual LOD : addLODLevel()
I assume so, but I just want confirmation.

Thank RaananW

Oh, AFAIK it should work with manual adding of LOD, as it changes the active mesh. but to be honest, I have never tested that

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