Using Babylon Viewer and want to Simplify Meshes

Want to implement autolod to a given mesh, Imported mesh in a different way, like using babylon viewer(Getting meshes from scene) After that when I tried to simplify it’s function , it gave me an error (simplify is not defined). Seeking a way to simplify my meshes using this way, Read documentation and got that simplify is an object of Mesh class… How to use that simplify functionality in my model. Sample code is attached below.
**const newmeshes = viewer.sceneManager.scene.meshes** ** console.log(newmeshes); //got my meshes** ** newmeshes[1].simplify() //**

@RaananW Kindly check…

@RaananW will come back beginning of next year so be patient.

Also, you really should provide a repro in the Playground, else I don’t think we will be able to help.



Would be great to have a repro, see what you are doing and understand the use case. We already had a discussion about simplification in a different thread - are these connected in any way?