LOD Simplify External Utility & load 2 types of same mesh

Has the Babylon team developed any external utility/software, which we can use to simplify a mesh, just like the Simplify() function e.g.
sphere.simplify([{ quality: 0.9, distance: 50 }, { quality: 0.5, distance: 80 }],true,BABYLON.SimplificationType.QUADRATIC, function() )

My intention is to have 2 meshes, the original one and the simplified one. In a scene with hundreds of meshes my intention is to load the simplified one which I assume will have a poorer quality but will load faster.
Then another intention after the scene loads with all meshes, start a silent background process (eg: based on camera distance from mesh )and replace simplified meshes with original meshes. Is that possible with current Babylon software?


The article refers to LOD at run-time. My question is to have the simplified meshes as external babylon files.

Hey there, you could always use Blender’s decimate modifier. Decimate Modifier — Blender Manual.

We do not offer any alternatives to tools like sympligon as they could be a full time focus on their own :slight_smile:

It is highly complex and usually not a runtime op as it can take a lot of time to process.

I guess relying on your favorite authoring tool is the safest or you could go full in with solutions like https://www.simplygon.com/

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