MeshWriter is not rendering letter "i" properly. or might better use AdvancedDynamicTexture?

Hi, I’m using Mesh Writer Introduction - Babylon.js Documentation
The mesh writer is working fine with all characters (AFAIK) except for the “i”

Alternatively, is there another way I can crank up the resolution for the AdvancedDynamicTexture?
I got a blurry text when I am using it.

Thank you for the lovely community!

Pinging @TheLeftover who is the author of the Mesh Writer

I’ll check it out later today. Looks like a straightforward fix for a problem that has been there from day one. Presumably few people use the Comic font.

Vr_Tech, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

@TheLeftover Thanks! It also happens with other font families too.

Vr_Tech, actually MeshWriter is working grand. The problem is actually associated with the playground only.

Due to an expired SSL, my hosting link stopped working some weeks back. I loaded the MeshWriter code directly into the playground. It turns out that the playground editor did not like one of the extended characters. It replaced the “ı” with an “i”.

The repaired playgrounds may be found at: and

The current version of MeshWriter is fine (if you don’t load it into the playground editor).

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Thank you! Much appreciated. It works flawlessly :slight_smile: